B.Sc –Accidental & Emergency Care Technology



This course trains the candidates to grow to be an expert in the field of accident and emergency care (A& B). On completion of this course, the candidates will have the intellectual knowledge and skills to provide exclusive and constant care for patients to overcome the emergency situations. The job opportunities of this course are huge all over the world as Emergency medical technicians (EMT) In ambulance intensive are unit or casualty departments In hospitals. An emergency department casualty medical treatment facility which specializing in emergency medicine and acute care of patients who present without prior appointment either by their own means of by that of an ambulance The emergency department is usually in a hospital or other primary care center. The candidates will be able to afford safe and efficient treatment for all age group of patient by taking necessary decisions. They will be recognizable on equipment and drugs used emergency situation and finally certified as accident and emergency technology. Additionally, electronic health records and mobile apps streamline information management and improve decision-making in emergency care scenarios. These technologies collectively enhance the ability of medical professionals to deliver timely and effective care, significantly impacting patient outcomes in critical situations.


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I Year

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Sterilisation Procedures



Medicine &Medical Ethics

Principles of Anaesthesia -II

12 months of Clinical Training



Principles of Anaesthesia -I

Clinical Training






Basics of Computer

Clinical Training

Clinical Training


Eligibility for Admission

  • Candidates belonging to all categories for admission to the Allied Health Sciences should have passed the qualifying examinations after period of 12 years of study with English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Botany & Zoology with minimum 65% marks in each subjects (Academic / Vocational Stream).

Career Prospects

Career Prospects

Hospitals are the primary recruiters of operation theatre and anaesthesia technologists. They work in the operating theatres and emergency departments of hospitals and nursing homes.

Openings are available in the areas of transplant units, orthopaedic clinics, gynaecology units, cancer units, surgery, special care baby units etc. and also in the field of research, education and training. They are appointed in the workplaces of physicians or dentists who perform outpatient surgery.

They are appointed in the following area:

  • Managing Operation Theatre equipment’s
  • Planning, Management and Sterility of the Operation Theatre premises
  • Suction, gas system operation and inhalational agent’s usage
  • Apart from the operation theatre they are employed in Emergency, Intensive Care and Surgical Units