B.Sc–Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology​


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Operation Theatre Professionals’ who are the backbone of any tertiary care hospital’manage and organize the surgigal theatre on the whole in a health care system. They monitor transfer of patients, look after surgical instrument,sterilizations,arrange operation theatre table,dressing table,instrument table and anesthesia table,further their responsibility is to keep ready all drugs, anesthetic gases, drabes and line for the procedures. They also help clinicians in scientific research and development our teaching and strenuous traning will praper to students to be proficient in fundamental medical concepts and procedures related to Operation theatre techniques including ethics/discipline, infunction control,maintenance and emergency management. Anaesthesia technologist are involved in patient care during peri-operative (before, during, and after surgery) anaesthetic care, taking religious and cultural beliefs into account and respecting patients’ right to medical privacy and dignity at all times. Anaesthesia technologist also play an important role in patient resuscitation in an emergency.At the end of course students are trained in the pharmacology of anaesthetic and non-anaesthetic drugs, their preparation, dilution and labeling.They are trained in preparing anaesthesia trolleys, checking suction machines, gas system operation, working of OT tables, various gases used in OT, usage of inhalational agents etc.They assist with the administration and monitoring of anaesthesia and have extensive knowledge of anaesthesia techniques,instruments,supplies and technology.


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I Year

II Year

III Year





Sterilisation Procedures



Medicine &Medical Ethics

Principles of Anaesthesia -II

12 months of Clinical Training



Principles of Anaesthesia -I

Clinical Training






Basics of Computer

Clinical Training

Clinical Training


Eligibility for Admission

  • Candidates belonging to all categories for admission to the Allied Health Sciences should have passed the qualifying examinations after period of 12 years of study with English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Botany & Zoology with minimum 65% marks in each subjects (Academic / Vocational Stream).

Career Prospects

Career Prospects

Hospitals are the primary recruiters of operation theatre and anaesthesia technologists. They work in the operating theatres and emergency departments of hospitals and nursing homes.

Openings are available in the areas of transplant units, orthopaedic clinics, gynaecology units, cancer units, surgery, special care baby units etc. and also in the field of research, education and training. They are appointed in the workplaces of physicians or dentists who perform outpatient surgery.

They are appointed in the following area:

  • Managing Operation Theatre equipment’s
  • Planning, Management and Sterility of the Operation Theatre premises
  • Suction, gas system operation and inhalational agent’s usage
  • Apart from the operation theatre they are employed in Emergency, Intensive Care and Surgical Units