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B.Sc–Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology

 Operation Theatre Professionals’ who are the backbone of any tertiary care hospital’manage and organize the surgigal theatre  on the whole in a health care system. They monitor transfer of patients, look after surgical instrument,sterilizations,arrange operation theatre table,dressing table,instrument table and anesthesia table,further their responsibility is to keep ready  all drugs,  anesthetic gases, drabes and line for the procedures.They also help clinicians in scientific research and development our teaching and strenuous traning  will praper to students to be proficient in fundamental medical concepts and procedures related to Operation theatre techniques including  ethics/discipline, infunction control,maintenance and emergency management.

B.Sc – Critical Care Technology

CritiCal Care Tecgnologist  is specially trained health Care professional working mainly in Medical and Surgical Intensive Care Units. They react rapidly to changes In patients condition and play an important role In saving the patient’s life. They posses strong understanding in human physiology and biomedical technology, which is vital in handling critically ill patients. Some of their Important functions In the health care setup are,Patient monitoring for various diagnostic procedures, Physiological monitoring, Biomedical equipment management, Materials management, Patient transfer, Risk management and Research & Development.

B.Sc – Dialysis Technology

The objectives of the Dialysis Technician Is t0 improve patient’s quality of life by delivering efficient dialysis treatment ,to Identify the treatment options of End stage Renal Dialysis In demonstrate and apply principles of dialysis therapy Io patients undergoing chronic Hemodialysis treatment to apply principles of safe practice in dialysis therapy, identifying the Importance of Control & prevention of infection, to demonstrate skill in maintenance of dialysis equipment

B.Sc – Medical Laboratory Technology

Education and health care are two fields that have seen tremendous advancement in the recent past.There is demond for professionally trained persons in the large and ever growing field of Medical Laboratory Technology.

India is also witnessing a growing demand for  trained professionals with hospital and  nursing home,looking towards institutions to provide them with the necessary professional.Employment opportunities are therefore available in plenty.He/She will find ready employment in all types of pathology diagnostic center both in government and private sector.What is needed is to make concerted efforts to provide required training to take on the challenging  world of health care.

B.Sc – Radiology & Imaging Technology

A Bachelor of Radiology & Imaging Technology will give the students an over all knowledge about the Radiography There are basically two types i.e.Diagnostic and Therapeutic radiology The Diagnostic radiography is more over concerned with radio Imaging machines and there by infer result.

 * BuiId up and pertain professional morals and principles in the Radiation therapist.

*The candidates will also develop demonstration abilities with proper and effective communication. Critical thinking and trouble solving skills needed for professional practice,

 * Students who have studied Radiography will also be capable of managing assessing and also use scientific technological information which are applicable for proper patient care services.

Bachelor Of Science in Physician Assistant

or Bachelor Of Science in Physician Assistant is an undergraduate Medical course. Physician Assistant is as killed health care professional who is qualified with academic and clinical training to provide health care services under the supervision of a specialist. The training that they receive equips them to provide diagnostic therapeutic and prventive healthcare services The course is designed to train the student In examining and treating patients, order interpret and laboratory radiological investigations and aid in diagnosis Physician Assistant also has several other responsibilities such as treating minor injuries,preparing and preserving progress notes and performing certain managerial duties.

B.Sc –Accidental & Emergency Care Technology

This course trains the candidates to grow to be an expert in the field of accident and emergency care (A& B). On completion of this course, the candidates will have the intellectual knowledge and skills to provide exclusive and constant care for patients to overcome the emergency situations. The job opportunities of this course are huge all over the world as Emergency medical technicians (EMT) In ambulance intensive are unit or casualty departments In hospitals. An emergency department casualty medical treatment facility which specializing in emergency medicine and acute care of patients who present without prior appointment either by their own means of by that of an ambulance The emergency department is usually in a hospital or other primary care center.

The candidates will be able to afford safe and efficient treatment for all age group of patient by taking necessary decisions. They will be recognizable on equipment and drugs used emergency situation and finally certified as  accident and emergency technology.


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